The first Sicilian ramen house

Blade Ramen is the first Sicilian ramen house, founded in Palermo. Inspired by Japanese cuisine, with the goal of showcasing one of its typical dishes: ramen. By selecting the finest local producers and creating the best possible ramen recipes, it offers a new experience while respecting tradition, seeking a balance between classic and creative flavors.

Blade Ramen is a place where you can enjoy a one-of-a-kind dish, open to a thousand new combinations.

Slow cooking

Soup cooked slowly to create a perfect broth

Product respect

Always fresh seasonings and prepared with the best techniques in product respect


Noodles exclusively handmade

Discover our shop where fermentations, natural wines, and exclusive gadgets will be available.

Where to find us

Via Valerio Villareale, 33 Palermo

Via Valerio Villareale, 33